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Why Your Dogs Need Daily Exercise

Your pup deserves to be in tip top shape 24/7!

Bad Dog or Lazy Owner ?

We dive into why some pets show descructive behavior, but is it the pets fault or the owenr ? Find out in our blog....

Do you need to visit your vet in person ?

With COVID-19 a lot of pets had to be seen virtually, but now we can go back to in-person. But what's the better option?

How to teach your dog to heel!

Collabed with some of our virtual trainers to create your dogs how-to tutorials on how to set, stay, and heel!


Virtual Trainers & Holistic Care Assistants .


- Veterinary Assistant ( None of the chat agents on including Vetti, are real Veterinarians or Trained professionals. Vetti agents are artificial intelligence chatbots.
Do Not Offer Medical Advice or replace a Real-Life Veterinarian! We suggest you consult with your Veterinarians or other medical professionals for all medical inquiries.)

Obedience Dog Traning

- Trainer O

Behavorial Dog Training

- Trainer B

Service Dog Traning

- Trainer Sasha

Our Values: Commited to Compassion

Virtual Dog Care .

At Vetti, we believe that every dog deserves love, understanding, and the best possible care.We are commited to enhacing the lives of pet parents and their pets.

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Prices we provide are the best option for your virtual
care anytime, anywhere starting at just $1.49 per day!

Pet Care, Priced Fairly- No Gouging, Just genuine Value

Providing fair and accessible pet care by actively
combating unjust pricing,becuase quality care
shoudln't break the bank.

24/7 Service

We take pride in providing you with an uninterrupted 24/7 service.
whether its a training question at midnight or a health concern at dawn,
our dedicated team is here fo your dogs needs, day and night. Your pets
well being is our priority , around the clock.

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